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Spring Cleaning for Your Mitsubishi

Spring is on its way. What better time is there to give your Mitsubishi a good cleaning, including the routine maintenance that you need? The hot summer months are just around the corner so now is a great time to get your car ready to take the heat, both from a cleanliness perspective and a service perspective. Here at Lone Star Mitsubishi, we can help you with anything you need from setting up a maintenance schedule to inspecting your car and identifying service issues. Just call us at 210-821-1600 or schedule service online.

Clean Up Your Interior

This is the part of the spring cleaning process that most drivers dread. Clean up any loose debris in your car and give your seats and floors a good sweeping. Use a mild cleaning spray and cloth to remove dust and grime off of your dash and other surfaces. If you have any stains from the past year in your car, a simple household carpet spray should work on your floors. Remember to use nothing but leather cleaner on the leather in your car. At Lone Star Mitsubishi, we can help you find the right cleaning tools for the interior of your car.

Refresh the Exterior

Be sure to use a car wash soap to wash the exterior of your car. Other types of soap can damage your paint. Start with a clean sponge to ensure that there’s no dirt that could scratch your paint present and always use a separate sponge for your wheels and tires. Instead of letting your car air dry, dry it off with a soft towel for added shine. If you’re interested in waxing your vehicle, talk to the experts at Lone Star Mitsubishi’s service department about the best wax for your vehicle.

Do Simple Maintenance Checks

Before spring is a great time to get new windshield wipers if needed. Do a tire check as well and come visit Lone Star Mitsubishi if you think you might need a tire rotation or new tires. You’ll also want to be sure the tires are properly inflated with the changes in temperature. Now is also a good time for an oil change if needed and a battery inspection. We can help you with all of this at Lone Star Mitsubishi. Schedule service today.

We employ certified technicians that enjoy assisting you with your automotive needs. Come to us with any questions you have about spring cleaning your Mitsubishi, and we’ll be glad to help! We can serve customers from all over the New Braunfels, Boerne, Seguin, and Pleasanton areas right here in San Antonio!